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Our research addresses the greatest challenges facing us in the future: people need a healthy, well-functioning, active lifestyle. These are complex questions, and we are seeking the answers in the interaction between many different disciplines. In so doing, our research work embraces three major themes: medical diagnostics (biochemical, hematological, and genetic), clinical research, basic research in order to understand mechanisms of disease, hence leading a healthy society.

To undertake the research is to challenge conventional ways of thinking and to transcend limitations. Our open enterprise culture and flat organizational structure allow this investigative spirit to develop in the best possible interdisciplinary way, and with curiosity, enthusiasm, courage, and perseverance we highlight problems from all possible angles and thereby arrive at exceptional solutions.

Mission / Vision Statement

Lahore Medical Research Center (LMRC undertaking research in the areas of medicine, molecular biology, genetics, clinical research). The center gradually expands its activities into new areas, attracted scientists from all over the world to collaborate with us, and to open new horizons in medical sciences through the valuable contribution of their scientific knowledge.

Our Advantages

  • Specialists and Dentists as One Team
  • Initial Dental Assessment
  • All Types of Dental Services
  • Safety by Credentials
  • Dental Implant Experience
  • Innovation
  • 3D Imaging Center
  • On-site Laboratory
  • “Same Day” Dentistry
  • “Same Day” Dental Implants
  • Innovative Clinic Design
  • Complimentary Consultations
  • Insurance and Financing
  • Services Cost
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