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Mehboob R. Antibiotic Resistance: An upcoming Pandemic. Pakistan Journal of Health Sciences. 2022 Nov 30:01-.

Mohamed F , Mehboob R , Ahmedah HT , Fadl-Elmula I, Alsaqafi AT. Is there an association between IDH1 Mutation, MGMTpromoter Methylation and Neurotrophic Kinase receptor expression in the development and progression of CNS tumours? Bioscience Research. 2022; 19(3): 1498-1503

Mehboob R. Hidden Hunger, its causes and impact on Human life. Pakistan Journal of Health Sciences. 2022 Sep 30:01-.

Mubeen B, Hasnain A, Mehboob R, Rasool R, Riaz A, Elaskary SA, Shah MM, Faridi TA, Ullah I. Hydroponics and elicitation, a combined approach to enhance the production of designer secondary medicinal metabolites in Silybum marianum. Frontiers in Plant Science. 2022;13.

Mehboob R. Eating Disorders: Eating Disorders. DIET FACTOR (Journal of Nutritional & Food Sciences). 2022 Jun 30:01-.

Kurdi M, Katib Y, Faizo E, Bahakeem B, Alkhotani A, Alkhayyat S, Najjar AA, Mehboob R, Halawa TF, Addas BM, Albriky K. Association Between CD204-Expressed Tumor-Associated Macrophages and MGMT-Promoter Methylation in the Microenvironment of Grade 4 Astrocytomas. World Journal of Oncology. 2022 May 10;13(3):117-25.

Mehboob R. Importance of Iron Metabolism: Importance of Iron Metabolism. Pakistan BioMedical Journal. 2022 Mar 30:01-.

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Mehboob R, Ahmad FJ, Mumtaz SU, Khalid S, Waseem H, Abaidullah S, Atwah AF, Abusikkien SA, Nasief H, Bahassan OM, Halwani M. Does Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccination protects from COVID-19? A Uni-center Study. Bioscience Research. 2022:426-30.

Mehboob R. Role of Epigenetic alterations in the development of cancers. Pakistan BioMedical Journal. 2022 Feb 28:01-.

Kurdi M, Mehboob R, Baeesa SS, Maghrabi Y, Hakamy S, Alkhotani A, et al., Histomolecular Criteria to Differentiate Grade II/III Ependymoma with Aid of H3K27me3 and L1CAM Expression. Bioscience Research. 2022 Feb; 19(1): 295-304.

Abbas A, Hasnain A, Malik S, Kausar H, Siddiqui MF, Mehboob R, Chaudhry S. Comparison of the Antibacterial Activities of Different Antibiotics Against Clinical Isolates: Antibiotic Resistance Patterns. Pakistan BioMedical Journal. 2022 Jan 31:49-53.

Mehboob R, Kurdi M, Baeesa S, Halawa TF, Tanvir I, Maghrabi Y, Hakamy S, Saeedi R, Moshref R, Nasief H, Hassan A. Immunolocalization of neurokinin 1 receptor in WHO grade 4 astrocytomas, oral squamous cell and urothelial carcinoma. Folia Neuropathologica. 2022 Jan 1;60(2):165-76.

Hassan A, Mehboob R, Tanvir I, Malibary H, Addas BM, Rayes AO, Bano F, Bahassan OM, Alwazzan A. Reverse Genetic Analysis of NS2 Mutational Diversity in Hepatitis C Virus. Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences. 2022;49(2).

Mehboob R. Greetings for New Year!. Pakistan BioMedical Journal. 2022 Jan 31:1-.

Mehboob R. Antibiotic Resistance in Present Era. MARKHOR (The Journal of Zoology). 2021 Dec 31:01-.

MEHBOOB R, KURDI M, TANVIR I, HASSAN A, BANO F, RAYES AO, BAJOUH O, HASNAIN A. Comparison of Substance P Immunolocalization among Oral, Breast, Colorectal and Endometrial Carcinoma to Evaluate its Prognostic and Therapeutic Significance. PJMHS. 2021 Dec; 15(12): 1-5.

LAVEZZI AM, MEHBOOB R, KURDI M, TANVIR I, BAMAGA AK, NASIEF H, MALIBARY H. Anatomopathological changes of the autonomic nervous system controlling the respiratory rhythm in sudden infant death: advances over the last 30 years.

MEHBOOB R, KURDI M, BAEESA S, BAHAKEEM B, ALKHAYYAT S, MAGHRABI Y, BARDEESI A, SAEEDI R, ASHGHAR M, HAKAMY S, MALIBARY H. The Expression of Sodium Channel Alpha Subunit (Nav1. 7) Receptors in Intracranial Meningioma and Its Comparison to Urothelial, Prostate and Ovarian Cancers.

Mehboob R, Kurdi M, Bamaga A, Aldardeir N, Nasief H, Moshref LH, Alsinani T, Rayes AO, Jabbad RH. Substance P/Neurokinin-1 Receptor, Trigeminal Ganglion, Latency, and Coronavirus Infection-Is There Any Link?. Frontiers in medicine. 2021 Nov 18;8:727593.

Lavezzi AM, Mehboob R. The mesencephalic periaqueductal gray, a further structure involved in breathing failure underlying Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. ASN neuro. 2021 Oct;13:17590914211048260.

Mehboob R, Lavezzi AM. Neuropathological explanation of minimal COVID-19 infection rate in newborns, infants and children–a mystery so far. New insight into the role of Substance P. Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 2021 Jan 15;420:117276.

Mehboob R, Kurdi M, Ahmad M, Gilani SA, Khalid S, Nasief H, Mirdad A, Malibary H, Hakamy S, Hassan A, Alaifan M. Comprehensive analysis of genes associated with sudden infant death syndrome. Frontiers in Pediatrics. 2021:1095.

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Safdar M, Zeb A, Khalid S, Bashir S, Mehboob R, Imran M. Effect of Fortified Wheat Flour on Anemia Status of Adolescent Hostel Girls. Age (years). 2021;21:2-76.

Mehboob R, Hassan S, Gilani SA, Hassan A, Tanvir I, Waseem H, Hanif A. Enhanced neurokinin-1 receptor expression is associated with human dental pulp inflammation and pain severity. Biomed Research International. 2021 May 5;2021:1-7.

Mehboob R, Marchenkova A, van den Maagdenberg AM, Nistri A. Overexpressed Na V 1.7 Channels Confer Hyperexcitability to in vitro Trigeminal Sensory Neurons of Ca V 2.1 Mutant Hemiplegic Migraine Mice. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience. 2021 May 25;15:640709.

Mehboob R, Gilani SA, Hassan A, Tanvir I, Javaid S, Khalid S, Hasan S, Waseem H, Alwazzan A, Munoz M. Prognostic significance of substance P/neurokinin 1 receptor and its association with hormonal receptors in breast carcinoma. BioMed Research International. 2020 Jun 28;2021.

Hassan A, Tanvir I, Mehboob R, Gillani SA, Ahmed FJ, Akram MA . Immunoreactivity of Thyroid Transcription Factor-1 for Diagnosis of Primary Breast Carcinoma. Internal Medicine.2020; 1(1): 28-34.

Mehboob R, Ahmad FJ, Gilani SA, Hassan A, Khalid S, Akram J. Maternal mortality Ratio in low income developing countries-focusing on Pakistan. Preprints. 2020.

Alwazzan A, Mehboob R, Hassan A, Perveen S, Gilani SA, Ahmad FJ, Tanvir I, Babar ME, Tariq MA, Ali G, Akram SJ. Elevated neurokinin-1 receptor expression in uterine products of conception is associated with first trimester miscarriages. Frontiers in Physiology. 2020 Dec 18;11:554766.

Mehboob R, Gilani SA, Hassan A, Tirmazi AH, Ahmad FJ, Akram J. Elevated Neurokinin 1-Receptor Expression in uterine products of conception is associated with first trimester Miscarriages. bioRxiv. 2020 Jun 29:2020-06.

Alwazzan A, Mehboob R, Gilani SA, Hassan A, Perveen S, Tanvir I, Waseem H, Ehsan K, Ahmad FJ, Akram J. Immunohistochemical expression of the alpha nicotinic acetylcholine receptor 7 in the human normal, diabetic, and Preeclamptic placenta and products of conception. Frontiers in Physiology. 2020 Nov 25;11:607239.

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Mehboob R, Ahmad FJ, Qayyum A, Rana MA, Gilani SA, Tariq MA, Akram J. Aprepitant as a combinant with Dexamethasone reduces the inflammation via Neurokinin 1 Receptor Antagonism in severe to critical Covid-19 patients and potentiates respiratory recovery: A novel therapeutic approach. MedRxiv. 2020 Aug 4:2020-08.

Kabir M, Mehboob R, Gilani SA, Ahmad FJ. Diagnosis and Treatment of Cytokine Storming as a Management of COVID-19 Infection. Annals of King Edward Medical University. 2020 Jul 11;26(Special Issue):214-7.

Gilani SA, Imran M, Haq IU, Mehboob R, Fatima W, Hassan A. Gambogic Acid as Anticancer Agent: A Review. Preprints. 2020.

Mehboob R, Kabir M, Gilani SA, Ahmad FJ. Future Impacts of COVID-19 Infection on Pakistani Population. Annals of King Edward Medical University. 2020 Jul 9;26(Special Issue):107-8.

Zaidi N, Gilani S, Mehboob R, Waseem H, Hassan A. Diagnostic accuracy of carotid intima media thickness by B-mode ultrasonography in coronary artery disease patients. Archives of Medical Science-Atherosclerotic Diseases. 2020 May 27;5(1):79-84.

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Sajid MI, Mehboob R, Ahmed S, Jamshaid M, Majeed I, Ahmed F. et al. Association of Serum Thyroid Hormones and Serum Leptin with Body Mass Index

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