Synopsis, Thesis and Publication Internships

Most students use their last year for their thesis and publication. It is the most important part of your curriculum. So, plan your thesis/ publications well in advance, especially when you want to excel in research. LMRC noticed the need and hired skillful team to guide student in their scientific writing skills. Hands-on training on bioinstrumentation and techniques will be provided in lab.

Software Internships

Lahore Medical Research Center internships are a great way to gain command on research software which help students to better analyze and present their research. We are currently offering internships in Endnote, SPSS, ORIGNPRO 2020, LATEX, GraphPad-Prism and in bioinformatic tools (Gromacs, Galaxy, PyRx, Autodock VINA, PyMol, R Software and VMD/ NAMD).

Biology, Medical and Allied Health Courses

We offer biology, medical and allied health courses in pathology, physiology, biochemistry, neurobiology, microbiology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, cellular rehabilitation, biochemistry, developmental biology, teratology, zoology, bio instrumentation, lab biosafety, physiotherapy and bioinformatics. We provide the necessary academic and clinical exposure to its students. Theoretical component of the course material is presented to students in the lecture form. The practical component of these courses is presented in well- furnished labs to ensure practical training with best tools.

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